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Retail Week | Should retailers follow Amazon and sell ads on their websites?

“Retailers are realising they have data that brands are really curious about” Our Director of Digital Strategy, David Bedford gives his opinion to Retail Week on whether retailers should follow Amazon and […]

Campaign | Is putting #knifefree ads in chicken shops ‘crude’ and ‘offensive’?

Many marketers believe ‘talkability’ is the spice of advertising life, but most probably wouldn’t fancy fielding the heckling regularly aimed at the Home Office’s efforts. The people who brought us […]

Film Labs

Film Labs Sessions – The Future of Film

Captivated by the diverse range of immersive storytelling on show at this year’s SXSW VR cinema, I decided to dip into the world of virtual reality film production for our […]

The robots are coming

Cheil | The robots are coming

AI copywriting turns a corner American bank JPMorgan Chase have just announced they’re advancing the robot revolution (we’re paraphrasing), through a 5 year partnership with New York-based company Persado, which […]

Laura Gibson

Our Head of Social Media Creative, Laura Gibson, talks at the IBC Conference

Our Head of Social Media Creative, Laura Gibson, has been invited to join a panel at the IBC Conference in Amsterdam on Understanding the Consumption Habits of Gen Z. Laura will […]

Game on

Cheil | Game on

A new dawn for esports sponsorship in the UK Watching other people play video games can’t be a sporting event, can it? Tell that to the millions of esports fans […]