Cheil | Game on

By: Kiron Mair

10th July 2019

A new dawn for esports sponsorship in the UK

Watching other people play video games can’t be a sporting event, can it? Tell that to the millions of esports fans worldwide who, for the last ten years, have packed out entire stadiums in South Korea, USA, China and beyond to watch elite gamer teams battle it out for huge cash prizes.

With such large exposure comes significant sponsorship opportunities for brands, of which ‘non-endemic’ brands (those not associated with gaming products) haven’t yet taking advantage.

Until 2018, esports in the UK hadn’t seen the level of investment to match Asia or the USA. But with the rise of the ESL Premiership this year, the hosting of the CS:GO Major tournament at Wembley and the formation of the British Esports Championships for schools and colleges, the UK is finally becoming a global esports destination.

What better time for brands to capitalise on this trend with a foray into partnership activities?