Cheil | Outdoor can’t be outdone

By: Kiron Mair

2nd July 2019

OOH is proven to consistently drive ad revenue growth

In a world that seems to be going more digital by the day, OOH is often overlooked. But that humble billboard or bus panel still have a very important place.  Consultancies Magna and Rapport (January 2019) have found that OOH is the only traditional media to see consistent revenue growth. And that amounts to a very pretty penny. Globally, revenues have grown at an average of 4.1% per year since 2010, reaching $31 billion in 2018.

So, what’s going on?

Well, while digital media buying has been hit hard by brand safety issues, OOH is still a safe bet. And as DOOH becomes smarter, every outdoor campaign becomes more effective. But sometimes it’s just that old habits don’t die hard. Studies by Les Binet and Peter Field have shown that OOH and TV still drive long-term business effectiveness.

To us, it’s clear that the outside world deserves plenty of attention.