Cheil | The robots are coming

By: Kiron Mair

5th August 2019

AI copywriting turns a corner

American bank JPMorgan Chase have just announced they’re advancing the robot revolution (we’re paraphrasing), through a 5 year partnership with New York-based company Persado, which specialises in applying artificial intelligence to marketing creative.

Persado’s machine learning program created copy lines for Chase ads that actually performed better with customers than lines written by humans, generating up to twice as many clicks. Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau noted that machine learning helped them to achieve more humanity ironically, creating combinations of lines that experienced marketers weren’t producing.

Chase plans to use the tool in the ideation stage of online ad creative, and stated this won’t have any impact on their staffing. Meanwhile, Persado is also working in a similar capacity with a range of businesses including Dell and Expedia.

Is this the herald of Skynet? We don’t think so; this is merely an evolution of digital ad optimisation that is commonplace in every media department, and potentially very useful for creative departments under tight deadlines. The question is, are you ready to embrace this new AI revolution?