DRIVE | Perfecting the echo chamber

By: Lauren Smartt

27th November 2019

On Wednesday 13th November Cheil held its latest DRIVE event, launching its research project ‘Perfecting The Echo Chamber: Putting Creativity Into Data-Driven Marketing’

Attended by senior representatives from globally recognised brands, including Vodafone, Dishoom and Samsung, the event created a unique curated experience where marketers could completely immerse themselves in the research, in an environment that was designed to show how creativity is needed to perfect the echo chamber. 

The Research

The research investigates consumer expectations around the collection and use of their data, and what they expect in return for sharing valuable information. 

Despite mainstream concerns around privacy and data protection mounting in the public consciousness, the study of over 1,000 UK consumers revealed many are willing to share their most intimate data with private companies if the return is deemed a fair value exchange. 

Almost two thirds (61%) said they’d share health data from a highly personal health device. Meanwhile, a third of consumers would be happy to share data as intimate as their own DNA information with supermarkets in exchange for health advice.

Cheil UK’s Head of Strategic Services, David Coombs, chaired the event, offering this advice to marketers: “Personalisation that shows how much you know a customer, rather than how much you know about a customer, is the key to finding those surprise and delight moments. Being willing to tell the story of your relationship and develop your customer’s interest further is how you move data beyond process and into creativity.”

During his presentation, David switched on the UV lights to reveal a mural, transforming the all-white room into a sea of neon colour, designed by local artist Marc Craig.

The Concept

The concept was imagined and executed by the creative department at Cheil, allowing them to deliver a truly unique experience for their guests. The team were clear on what they wanted to deliver, an evening where senior marketers could see personalisation coming to life. 

After a recent visit to the Tate Modern, the team came up with an interesting idea, to find a way to highlight the creativity needed, allowing the artwork to surround guests during an appropriate part of the presentation. The images depicted the examples in David’s presentation, including Easyjet and Netflix. In addition to this, there were some examples of bad marketing practices, including retargeting, that reflected David’s example of people feeling like they were ‘being chased around the internet’ after searching for a particular product, like a shed. 

The event brought together senior decision makers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the personalised experience, while learning about Perfecting the Echo Chamber’. For more information, and to download the whitepaper, please click here.