InternetRetailing | December Election deals latest blow to ‘crucial peak’

By: Sandra Perriot

31st October 2019

Timing is everything. Retail – like all UK industries – is craving some clarity on Brexit, but calling a general election bang in the middle of peak Christmas shopping season is not what everyone was looking for. In fact, the timing probably couldn’t be worse.

The threat of leaving the EU, possibly without a deal, on 31st October had already given the industry the willies. That threat has passed, but throwing in an election in December is going to only add to the uncertainty and, whatever the outcome, leaves little time for spending to recover.

So, are we looking at a doomsday scenario? InternetRetailing asked some of its friendly experts, including our Senior Retail Strategist, Sandra Perriot, and found them all trembling at the thought – with the issues of an Election, Brexit and the timing aroundpeak Christmas selling all causing the jitters. 

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