MAD//Fest 2019 | Perfecting the Echo Chamber

By: Lauren Smartt

5th November 2019

Our Head of Strategic Services, David Coombs, is hosting a panel at this year’s MAD//Fest on 14th November with Joe Comiskey, Head of Digital, Northern Europe, NIVEA and Nick White, Online Director, Samsung UK. He will discuss our recent research that highlights what consumers and senior marketers think about data use, brand loyalty and personalisation, along with hosting a panel discussion asking questions to Joe and Nick like:

·  How much data are consumers actually happy with sharing, and what do they want done with it?

·  How can you avoid the traps of over optimisation?

·  How can retailers use data captured online to power offline experiences?

·  How a personalised approach doesn’t have to come at the cost of creativity.

You can find out more and register for tickets for MAD//Fest here