Outdoor Media Awards | Cheil wins bronze in brand fame category

By: Lauren Smartt

27th August 2020

Cheil UK has won bronze in the Brand Frame Category for its  Samsung, Folding Piccadilly work.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was one of the most anticipated new products of 2019. Its unique folding screen not only changed the face of the smartphone, but also the way we looked at mobile screens forever. For its UK launch, our aim was to dramatise this by harnessing the power of Europe’s largest, existing, DOOH screen.

By recreating the architecture hidden beneath the Piccadilly screen, we set out to build something never seen before – a folding structure engineered to literally change the face of one of the world’s most iconic screens – and by doing so, reveal the changing face of the smartphone.


Helped turn the Galaxy Fold into Samsung’s fastest-ever selling product. 

Turned 1.9 million heads in the first 2 weeks.

Prompted a 1000% increase in searches for the Samsung Galaxy Fold in London.