Retail Loves: CES Sneak Peek

By: Chris Ager

7th January 2020

Happy New Year, all!

As we usher in a new decade, we thought it was a great time to share some key trends set to emerge in 2020 at CES in Las Vegas .

This year, topics at the world’s biggest tech show will include: privacy & the protection of personal data, inclusivity & accessibility (ensuring access to tech for all) and of course climate change & defending our planet. Nothing major on the agenda then…

Here’s some sneak peeks

Privacy Please – We know a vast majority of consumers worry about their personal data being collected by companies. As a result, privacy will be a key topic this year – guiding innovation and product development. To kick-start the discussion, CES will host a roundtable session on consumer privacy protection.

Inclusion Imperative – A key area of growth in 2020 will be accessibility. At CES, there will be numerous products and services showcasing ways to make tech more physically inclusive. One example is the Code Jumper device which helps children with visual impairments learn to code. As brands become more aware of the commercial importance of serving the needs of those with disabilities, there will be a marked increase in ability-aware devices.

Protecting Our Future – This year, CES will introduce the Global Tech Challenge which will support entrepreneurs developing new tech solutions that target issues of health, gender barriers and climate change. Sustainability-focused brands will unveil products and services steering both individuals and businesses towards a greener world; such as the CodeCheck app which helps consumers make more eco-conscious choices by suggesting planet-friendly alternatives during a food shop.

CES runs from 7-10 Jan and always gives some really exciting insights into the year ahead so be sure to follow full event coverage here: or