Retail Loves: Choose Life

By: Lauren Smartt

20th December 2019

UK-based Choose Love, the retail wing of non-profit Help Refugees, has reprised its pop-up format previously seen in London and NY. Located in LA, the store allows customers to buy physical items such as blankets, life jackets and nappies, which are then given directly to refugees in need. Consumers’ increasing unease at rampant levels of consumption during the holiday season (26% of British consumers reported a desire to avoid ‘mindless consumerism’ during BF/Xmas) is raising the value of more considered approaches to purchase from brands.

What we like…

The messaging 

The messaging, naming strategy and TOV dignifies both ends of the proposition.

The ambition

The ‘culture’ part of consumer culture is the often-overlooked aspect of retailing that must be magnified in 2020. How people connect and converse with brands, as well as how they relate to each other within a brand’s space, will be an essential area of opportunity. 

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone.