Retail Loves: Puma Skills Cube, NYC

By: Sandra Perriot

29th October 2019

Retail Loves | Puma Skills Cube

Spread across 18,000 square feet and two floors, the Puma Skills Cube is the brand’s first brick-and-mortar store in New York City. It blends tech-enhanced shopping with customisable products and interactive experiences. Visitors undergo VR training exercises, guided by professional Puma-sponsored athletes like Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and footballers Antoine Griezmann and Romelu Lukaku.

What we like

The promise and the name

Reflecting the consumer appetite for self-improvement and up-skilling, the Puma Skills Cube is a promise of speed, efficiency and progress. Such immersive initiatives are central to Puma’s long-term engagement strategy.

The data-driven experience 

From start to finish, Puma unlocks the power of data for the customer benefit. During the coaching session, motion and depth sensors track the participant as they move, enabling the athletes to tailor their training in real time. Every coaching session ends with a personal score on their performance (a moment complemented by confetti cannons, fireworks and a cheering crowd) and the data captured charts the visitor’s position on a digital leader board in the waiting area. Post-visit, each participant receives a personalised email and text for social boosting.

New Flagship Puma – 609 Fifth Avenue, NY 10017