Welcome to the smart(ish) home at Festival of Marketing

By: Lauren Smartt

9th October 2019

David Coombs is speaking at this year’s Festival of Marketing, the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers.

Dave’s talk will focus on the connected home of today, as opposed to the utopian vision of a home of the future the media portrays:

  • Are we living in a streamlined dream home filled with sensor-equipped tech responsive to your every request? Take a quick look around … thought not. Step into the average household and you are still more likely to find drawers of board games, a few DVDs knocking around and an ironing board with a corded iron in the corner
  • While the media is still entranced by a utopian vision of a home of the future akin to something you’d find in science fiction, this session deals with the reality as experienced by the average household and tries to find the opportunities that people’s current relationship with ‘smart’ technology presents to brands and businesses
  • In this session, David Coombs will share Cheil’s recent research into the connected home, the barriers to adoption and how brands can increase trust and relevancy enough to be allowed inside the home

Date: Friday 11th October

Time: 11:05am

State: Tech Innovation Lab

You can find out more about the event and purchase passes here