Copywriters on writing dialogue that connects

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Maris Sillis, Creative Director, Cheil UK, joins the conversation with LBB to offer advice on how to write dialogue that sounds like actual people having real conversations

"For me, writing dialogue for a brand all starts by getting under the skin of that brand.

If you’re lucky, there’ll be a brand book. And if you’re really lucky, a well-written one that helps you effortlessly slip into that brand’s shoes (trainers, slippers, boots, stilettos).

I find that once you understand a brand, it makes it easier to find and craft the right style for that dialogue (conversation, chit-chat, natter, tête à tête).

Whether it’s serious, humorous or quirky, the style of dialogue needs to be believable and for me, the ability to craft realistic dialogue starts with listening to real dialogue. From phrases and rhythms, to language and sentence construction, eavesdropping on the number six bus always used to be a favourite of mine.

Your audience is already out there, you just need to tune in – translating product points and calls-to-action in a way that resonates with them.

As we all know, writing dialogue isn’t as easy as it sounds, so make things easier on yourself by reading your dialogue aloud while writing it. Trust me, it’s way better to pick up awkward exchanges and unnatural phrases at your desk than it is in the recording studio."

Maris Silis, Creative Director, Cheil UK -

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