Is VR technology the future of firework displays?

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Is VR technology the future of firework displays?

Every November, the UK gears up for fireworks that light up the dark skies, whether at home or at public displays.

However, increasingly over the past few years, a number of concerns have arisen with people voicing their dismay about the loud noises and smoke generated by fireworks and bonfires being harmful to animals, the environment and people with SEND.

Does the future of Fireworks Night and Diwali lie in Virtual Reality?

Shooting for the stars

In recent years, ‘silent fireworks’, have come into play. Some events have also moved to using drones to mimic firework displays, eliminating the need for pyrotechnics. This has been seen at the Coronation of King Charles, where more than 1,000 drones took the skies to form images, showing anything from bees to whales.

But, can technology be pushed even further to give businesses an edge over their competitors?  

How does VR technology work?

The past few years have seen an explosion in this technology, which uses computer-generated environments to recreate scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings.

According to Rebecca Gill, founder of VR Therapies, a client we have been working with to enhance their brand presence, fireworks through this technology could help allay some of the cited issues.

No one should miss out on experiencing the magic of the brightly coloured skies and patterns that fireworks provide. VR is a great way to give people living with a range of conditions, a safe space to do this, whilst reducing the burden on wildlife. It can also give businesses a unique edge. The possibilities that this technology brings are endless.

Thinking outside the box

Companies have begun paving the way in this space, creating a range of platforms that provide VR programmes for users. From animated fireworks display, that can then be synced up to attendee's chosen tunes – something that live displays don’t offer, to programmes that allow them to enter an entirely different universe to watch fireworks in.

The big bang ideas for businesses

This opens up a range of ideas for businesses looking to put on memorable and unique events that wow customers. Imagine a retail opening where users are given a headset, where fireworks commemorate the launch, in a silent disco type scenario. Or, a concert where everyone uses VR headsets to watch a display in time to a song.

Firing up influencer programmes

Influencer programmes could also be created with an initiative to conduct their own display by moving their arms to conduct their own fireworks display generating thousands of views on social media, building up brand recognition and trust for the company. Check out this interactive light display we delivered for Samsung.

A glimmer into the future

Is this technology the future of firework displays at events, or will businesses still opt for the real thing this November 5th? In a world where technology is quickly evolving to user’s needs, it may be a real possibility or it could fizzle faster than a Catherine wheel. All we can do is watch this bright space to find out.

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