The Drum - One data insight that changed CEO Chris Camacho philosophy

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As part of The Drum’s The New Data & Privacy Playbook, Chris Camacho shares a time a single data insight made a world of difference

“As practitioners, we are always looking at how to improve performance stats such as site conversion rate and so focus deeply on that 0-3% that are already in the market to glean incremental growth. What changed things for me was learning Binet and Field’s “Long and Short of It” theory. Whilst focusing on the bottom of the funnel may make sense in the short-term, it is important to remember that marketers don’t move buyers in-market – buyers move themselves in based on their needs. Therefore, through a broader approach that focuses on 97% of their behaviors and pressure points, marketers can increase the probability that their brand will be top of mind when these consumers are ready to purchase. Even persuading a fraction of that pool will far exceed performance results in the long term.”

Chris Camacho, CEO, Cheil UK -

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