Helping Men Embrace Their Sensitive Side


The brief

As the UK’s number one male grooming brand, NIVEA Men plays an important role in the everyday lives of millions across the UK.

NIVEA were helping men look good on the outside, but many were struggling on the inside...

The skincare brand uncovered that 1/3 of men reported feeling lonely - unlikely to open up about their feelings, due to societal pressures.

NIVEA wanted to change this. They entrusted us to break the stigma.

The how

We saw International Men’s Day as the perfect opportunity to do this. To help consumers tap into their sensitive side we developed a campaign across digital and social that encouraged men to reach out to their friends and speak about their feelings.

We created a film starring the talented spoken word poet, Alika J, commissioning him to write ‘A Message to All Men’. The poem acted as a powerful rallying cry to men across the UK, highlighting the importance of opening up to friends and speaking about your feelings.

Extending NIVEA's care beyond their skincare products, our film replaced the myth that real men stay silent, with a new positive mantra - real men care.