The Flock

AR / Immersive / Retail

The brief

Samsung were taking the hassle out of consumers lives, making every day tasks easier with their open ecosystem of connected devices. 

Although powerful, the valuable connections between devices were intangible to consumers.

To raise awareness around the power of connected devices and drive footfall into their London Flagship store, Samsung KX, the tech-giant challenged us to make these invisible connections visible.



Increased footfall into Samsung's London flagship store, KX


Increased brand awareness

The how

Utilising AR we used the metaphor of a murmurating flock of birds, to represent the seamless connections between Samsung products. KX’s newest residents, The Flock, worked as one to guide visitors across the flagship store.

Choosing from either ‘Epic Gaming’, ‘Seamless Entertainment’ or ‘Effortless Living’, each journey highlighted the benefits of how consumers can achieve more, save time and get the most out of what they love with Samsung devices.

Visitors were guided over a walking distance of over 100m by a flock of 200 brightly coloured low-poly birds. Each one was individually programmed through an intelligent flocking system that auto-adjusted to real-world physics, resulting in a near-to-life murmuration experience.

Using the data from each journey, a follow-up personalised email tailored to each experience enabled purchase by connecting visitors directly to the relevant product pages on

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